Our Expertise

Mechanical Design

All aspects of mechanical system design including complex electro mechanical assemblies, automated systems, special purpose machines, fluid based system design, OEM component and subsystem sizing, analysis and selection.

System Design

Embedded design including concept development, component and module selections, board schematics and gerber analysis, FPGA programming, SoC development and integration, design and Testing for EMI/EMC/ESD compliance.

embedded design
Embedded Programming

Embedded and application programming covering a wide range of languages such as C, C++, Java and a wide range of real time and non-real time operating systems.

Application Programming

Complete production and solution fabrication and prototyping, V&V, characterization and commissioning on site. We provide all the necessary quality, regulatory, manufacturing, V&V, and risk assessment documentation.

Total  Engineering  Solutions

  • Complete product and system design including mechanical, electrical, software, controls, vision, sensing, fluid handling, algorithms, motion planning, and harnessing.
  • Verticals include semiconductor equipment, industrial and mobile robotics, industrial automation, medical devices and systems, consumer products.
Autonomous Robots
Industrial Robotics & Automation

Complete product and system design including mechanical, electrical, software, controls, vision,  and sensing.

Mobile & Autonomous Robots

Conceptualizing, designing, testing, manufacturing and running of Autonomously guided mobile platforms for various applications like delivery, warehousing,  and surveillance.


Strong background in all aspects of semiconductor equipment including mainframe and system design.

Medical Devices

Total medical product and engineering solutions in compliance with FDA, CE and other required standards.

COVID-19: Taking Action

Covid 19, the global pandemic has emerged as a significant challenge to the mankind, creating disruptions across the globe.


We at RAAD Systems are agile in responding to this challenge by proactively engaging our employees, clients and partners in order to minimize its impact on our working environment and project deliverables.


We extended some of our existing robotics and automation solutions to come up with cost effective contact less IoT (Internet of Things) products and solutions for various business lines, including Tele Medicine.

Critical weapon in fighting Covid-19 is social distancing.  We at RAAD Systems have developed IoT applications for Tele Medicine, which helps frontline warriors to deliver efficient medical care without any contact.


We at RAAD always put our clients first and during this pandemic, we made sure that none of our client deliverables are delayed and the business continued with zero or minimum impact.

work safety

The backbone of RAAD Systems is our employees.  During these testing times, the well being of our employees and their families is our top priority.


Innovation is our Philosophy

We at RAAD always put our clients First.

We work with our clients as their extended team in achieving their business goals.


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